Discovering Hanoi’s Alleys

Hanoi’s alleys are a microcosm in itself. Street vendors, temples , schools, hospitals, wet markets all that and more can exist in a very small quarter and it does. In the different areas of the city, each quarter have their own unique features. In the French Quarter you can find beautiful alleys with old villas and new fine restaurants. There you can get a peaceful respite from busy city life.


The alleys in the Old Quarter are densely populated residential areas and mostly really chaotic. They alleys wind like roads through a village, at some points so narrow the motorbikes can barely pass. Other parts are as wide as a playground for kids. Some contain temples and here you can hear the soothing sounds of the wooden bowls people strike when they are praying.


Everywhere you can find small carts and stalls selling noodles, bread and coffee. Before going to school or work you can stop there. Have a coffee, read your newspaper and have something to eat. At times this quarters buzzes like beehives, with the sounds of motorbikes, cars, horns and people shouting.


As I am new here and have a lot to find out I really think, that each alley has its own story, culture and is reflecting the diversity of its neighborhood. Each alley has its own live and I will try to find out what it is…

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