After browsing through some websites last week, I started to be obsessed over all of these fabulously ornate and historically influenced costumes. Let me tell you, the details on these outfits are impressive. Now, I share with you a couple of pictures I took lately. In doing this I was as well thinking about the struggle of inspiration.


In my opinion this affects everybody because whether you are taking photos, designing things like websites, creating programs, or something else along this line, we are often tempted to go down the path traveled by somebody before us. Deep down, we are not sure if this is right or wrong, but how can we appreciate and honor the inspiration of others and create something unique?

Copying another person’s photos, designs or ideas is from an ethical point of view not right. But in order to get inspiration we all tend to look at different sources. What is right or wrong in this regard?

I myself try to do it this way: 

First of all I try to figure out what draws my attention to a photo, film, design etc.

Than I collect different photos, designs etc. from magazines, catalogues, flickr etc. What I like to look at is pinterest a cool site with a lot of potential.


When I figured out what has drawn me to this kind of photo I try to use what has inspired me. With this new found knowledge I try to get something new started.

As time goes by since I have seen the pictures, I try to remember what it is about them that really spoke to me in the first place. Most of the time it reduces itself to nuances and tiny details which hopefully blur in my memory and eventually I can see the big picture, the things that made me attracted to the source. Then I am mostly able to focus on the elements which I like to adopt in my own work.

And in the end it is hopefully not only a bad copy but something new!

Light in the northern hemisphere

Federal Garden Exhibition 2011 – Koblenz, Germany