How to get shooting models?

One of my friends asked me recently how to approach the issue of getting nice and good models? And recently at a photography meeting in Germany some of my fellow photographers asked the same question. So I thought I’d try to answer the question and post some of my ideas how to get a foot in the door of  modeling agencies. Keep in mind, I approached modeling agencies myself just recently and I am surely not qualified. Also keep in mind that this is just from my personal experience ……. but hopefully you’ll find some useful information!


I remember I was a pretty afraid to approach an agency. I was not going for a real big agency as I think than you’re in NEED for some very good portfolio book. As I am not looking for big money jobs, I approached some small agencies where I could possible get the chance to shoot some new models.  One step at a time in furthering my work. Everyone has to start somewhere.

So I got some addresses of smaller agencies and took the initial calls. First of all, remember, no one out there is going to fall all over themselves to help you. And most aren’t thinking your work is amazing. There will hopefully be some agencies that really like you and your work and are willing to help.

Stick with the agencies that show interest in having you test with some of their new faces and start to develop relationships with models, bookers and alike.

Apart from your portfolio book it is nowadays imperative to have a website to refer your prospective clients and models to. You should call the agency and ask to speak to the booker in charge of new faces. Ask if you can send them an email with more information. In the email to them, keep it short and sweet. Introduce yourself, give them the link to your website, offer to come in and show them your print portfolio, thank them for their time and consideration and that’s it.

But don’t think it will start right away. You have to develop a thick skin and you have to believe that deep down some people are going to love your work. Some surely never will.

I found out, that meeting some of the people in person is more than helpful and for this occasions you should have apart from your online site a print portfolio. I found this very helpful and the agencies appreciated that.

And as always in live it just can’t hurt to ask. And once in a while – if you don’t have to live of it – there comes an opportunity – and may be some more development lies ahead.

Go out and do it!

Below a shoot for JM Fashion - Vespa time -

Federal Garden Exhibition 2011 – Koblenz, Germany

Ring Light 5500K Daylight Lamp