Ring Light 5500K Daylight Lamp

I heard about an workshop with Guido Karp (nominated as Music Photographer of the Year in several years and winner of the categories "Best Concert Photography") where he demonstrated how to use a Ring Light with a 5500K Daylight Lamp to get some different effects. It looks quite nice, but like with everything else it shouldn't be overdone.

Since the Ringlight and Single Light workshops have been popular since some time I thought to have a try as well. The Ringlight is a popular light in fashion modeling but can surely be used as well outside of fashion.  It has some interesting traits and takes some practice to use to get the shots you are looking for.  A single powered light source sounds simple because you only have one light to move around, but modifiers and reflectors change the game, and only having one powered light makes you think how you want to light the scene in a different way.

Just here in Cologne I got the opportunity to have a go with these kind of lightinh equipment. I used the Fuji X100 and got as near as possible woith the equivalent of an 35 mm lens. all in all I am quite happy with the results.

You can see the pictures in my Fashion and glamour portfolio.


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