Flash with Fuji Finepix X100

It obviously pays to read the manual. One can probably do without reading the manual but there will be surely some information missing:

  • For example about OVF Power Safe Mode. Turning it on doubles battery life, halves auto-focus speed from 0.2s to 0.4s and stops displaying shooting information like live histogram in the optical viewfinder mode. In practice, auto-focus doesn't seem to be any slower.
  • Aperture and shutter speed ca be adjusted not only by 1-stop steps in manual mode, you use the Command Dial and the Command Control to adjust 1/3 or 2/3 stop from the selected value in the aperture ring or shutter speed knob.
  • T shutter speed mode. There are only so many notches on the shutter speed knob. Anything slower than 1/4s can only be achieved with the T mode.
  • The fastest flash sync speed is 1/2000s. That’s awesome.
  • The use of the AE/AF-lock button to lock focus is quite practical.

I tried the fasted flash speed at 1/2000s, here some of the not optimal made setup. Just a glass in my sink.


Fuji Finepix X100