Thunderstorm in Hong Kong

Sunday, 14.May 2011 as I walked around the City which never sleeps, as the slogan says, it nearly got dark on this plain afternoon due to an incoming thunderstorm to Hong Kong. I headed home and just made it indoors as the rain started. As I looked outside and saw the approaching wall of  clouds and rain I was thinking of subtracting color, patience and interpretation.


This reminded me of photographer Josef Hoflehner who worked with natural and man made elements that evoke a sense of space. He captured modern cities and near featureless wide open vistas. The Austrian photographer likes to travel and to see and capture landscapes as much as possible.


In his mind a good photographer needs to have a sense of improvisation, flexibility and patience. He mostly works in Monochrome which allows him to creative control the image and to go from reality to a step further. His unique approach in working with the contrasts in the image shows his personal vision.


He thinks of himself as a landscape photographer but one with a twist – not mainstream.

example:  florida and china

As I saw this b&w images I got in the mood to do some b&w myself even if not a landscape than some of my streetphotographer captions.

Happiness - my choice on this day

Animated Image