Pawn shop

The pawn shop business had seemed to be phasing out a few years ago, but it seems to be thriving nevertheless. Many have been around for years and have only Chinese names. But some seem to want more business as well - and address those who don't read Chinese, they have an English name and deal in English.

Unlike pawn shops in US where they are also the thrift stores, Hong Kong pawn shops are generally just money lenders. If the collateral is not collected by the prescribed period, it ends up in flea markets (e.g. Apliu Street) and thrift stores.

One interesting thing  about pawn shops in Hong Kong is that there is always a screen blocking the view of customers inside. Their counters are always very high, so high that one has to raise one's arms to pawn anything.

I guess you can calling it "fund-raising"!

Leipzig in Hong Kong

Shenzen - not only fakes to find here