Nature - and Valentines Day

A nature walk eather prompts a quick glance on some glorious and colourfull things or a slowing and seeing profounds things like a single drop hanging in midair, a butterfly and its lovely spine of its wing. Sometimes nature's beauty and mystery is irresistible especially when simplifying the image as otherwise would be riotous and wild. Instead of showing a mass of plants, flowers or something alike I like to choose only a few, spotlight them and may be flank them by the distant suggestion of others.

All of this has to do with aperture to choose a shallow depth of field that can transform the picture to a pure abstract shape. with this kind of approach, the focused subject should get the attention it deserves. The best medium to arrive at this objective is the use of a macro lens.

If you used a macro lens you may knew the moment when the glass nearly touch your subject - immersing to get so close, such a vivid moment is really astonishing. To create images that are out of the ordinary you have to select different positions and angles. Try to tilt your composition in an unexpected way. Offer your viewer an unexpected view that is unique and shows a special moment in time.

As Valentines Day is approaching I tried to create an abstract with my macro lens with an orchid. I tried to get very close as to get a disorienting shot. The angle might not be as unusual as to puzzle the viewer.  Nevertheless this bewitching effect of getting really, really close - a special sort of wonderment that might make the viewer pause. I find it is at least a beauty and sensual shape - sensual and different.

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