Film Noir

As you might already have noticed, I just started a project creating images in the “Film Noir Style”.

“Film Noir” is a French phrase, which literally means "black film". This style developed in the early 40s and it refers to a genre of mostly black-and-white films that blossomed in the post-war era in American cinema.

Coming back to b/w of the images. It is not only the colors of the film but as well the sub-current undertones of the scene which its moods and expression.

In the cinematography world the scene was filled with bleak subject matter and a somber, downbeat tone; the plot (often a quest), low-key lighting often in night scenes, camera angles (often canted or high-angle shots), the setting (the gloomy underworld of crime and corruption), iconography (guns, urban settings), characters (disillusioned, jaded), and other elements combined to present a dark atmosphere of pessimism, tension, cynicism, or oppression.

I started my first images in a kind of high-contrast lighting. This is a lighting that creates strong contrast between light, and dark areas of the shot, with deep shadows and little fill light; also called low-key lighting.

Film Noir typically thought of as a crime drama with a Femme Fatale and a hero or underdog, which usually is a private eye, police detective or cop. So I started out with the male part, as I happened to have a volunteer.

Any comments (in English) are welcomed if you have any idea to enhance this type of image. Thanks in advance!

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