City rhytm - in my opinion the repetitive visual activities, apart from sounds and smells that occur regularly in your city. To capture this multitude of aspects in one photo or a portfolio might help to understand modern city life. While in some cities the neighborhoods have been turned into sanitized and silenced versions of themselves, Asian cities are boisterous und they pulses with energy. Strains of chinese music waft from car windows and clubs, trams screech and mobiles ringing sounds are everywhere. If you are in the streets you have to navigate to its chaos and ebullience.

To get this rhythm of similar elements in a scene, to arrange a picture under these circumstances and to show the feeling in a visual structure has been my aim in creating the following image.

I thought that a kind of repetition would guarantee showcasing the, in a way, chaotic feeling and the frenzy of the usual hektic in Hong Kong. I would have liked to link the oprical beat of the scene to my image. The flow of the pedestrians is like a river - a repetition which exeed the frame. I put up my camera with the 70 to 200 mm lens and a 8 stop ND Filter. I shot a long exposure image at f 11 / 130 mm / ISO 200 at 3.5 minutes. It was just a matter of waiting for the moment the lights went green for the pedestrians and I lighted in between with my flash SB 900 at full power and 200mm zoom into the mass of rushing people.

The result shows, hopefully, my intention of getting Hong Kongs frenzy and hektic.

What's or Wat's up

Alice in Wonderland perception