Alice in Wonderland perception

Have you ever tried to visualize the expression on a childs face just before opening the Christmas present? Did you ever catch how exiting it was to jump the first time from a ten meter tower into the swimming pool? Many of these moments have faded but if you got a picture which hold this significant moment in time you remember quit clearly and better than without.

In "film" times the pictures had to be worthy and significant. Today, thanks to digital photography, we are free to experiment with our exposures. The power to instantly see, review, delete and re-shoot makes things much easier. To document expressions as stated above makes the fascination in photography for me and as well the possibilities to try to get some unusual point of views, different angles that makes the perception of pictures different.

With different lighting it is possible to set the mood of a picture. The power to use this as an emotional connection between the viewer and your pictures is tremendous. Images bathed in light tend to inspire uplifting feelings as joy, hope and fun in my view. One of the images I took lately had as well a dreamlike feeling which got the idea in my head to give it a different perception in changing the point of view.

At least it worked for my tasting. Hope you like it as well and I would like to hear your comments about it.


Uncle Wah (華叔)