Adventure, Beauty, Intimacy and Portraitshooting

It is some years ago, I heard a radio sequence about several things we are all looking for in life: three things stuck to my mind

-          Adventure

-          Beauty

-          Intimacy

This recently resonated to me how much this statement also relates to photography. After all capturing the light to produce a photo is nothing else than an adventure in itself. No matter how much you plan, there are always surprises ahead:  light situations change, different twists and turns, personalities etc.

If you aren’t a “chimper”, someone who always looks on his LCD screen, downloading your chest of captured treasures is like dumping out a bag of gold coins after a treasure hunt. And often the drive to photograph something is a quest for beauty, whether you find it in a leaf, a face, a landscape , or a lovely portrait.

There is something in everyone that draws him/her naturally to the miracle of lines, shapes and proportion. Finally there is intimacy. To me, this is one of the most important pieces in taking portrait shots.

With portraits it burns down to trust. Someone is giving us a piece of himself, hoping, trusting, and believing that our interpretation captured will be kind. Our own charisma, transmission or what you want to call it, is mirrored by our subject. If we as photographer are guarded so will be our model. Photography as a tool in interpreting others can in this way of thinking be just as well a tool for interpreting ourselves.

Uncle Wah (華叔)

Pole dance in a studio