Images that might inspire?!

At one time or another, most of us have probably lookes at a wonderful photo, illustration or picture in a magazine, on the Internet or on a gallery wall and wondered how the creator came up with such a great idea. This is the very beginning of a good way to learn photography in studying inspiring images.

I created a new series of phtographs which I entiteled "My moony visions". In this serie you will look at a variety of situations - mostly landscape which I combined in Photoshop or in double exposure in camera. As you will see the images are as varied as are my ideas.

Everyone sees and interprets our world differently. But sometimes there is a thread of commonality between all of these photographers and this is the love of their chosen subjects. If you are an landscape photographer you rise early to capture early morning light and you probably don't put down your camera until after the sun has gone down. Portrait photographers are into establishing a link with their subjects to reveal something of their personality, while still life photographers prefer to arrange abjects to create beautiful images.

As I try to capture most of my images I can envision around my vicinity I try as well to compose digital created pictures.

I would appreciate any comment about composition, overall aestetic - just your impression about the moon vision serie.

Thanks in advance!


Photography and Botanic