On the road in Mandalay

There are some legendary photographers who have produced famed social land- and cityscapes. I am for sure not renowned for my ability to create ingenious visual puzzels. But nevertheless I am testing myself as to how much I can accomplish something special and not only exotic at different places. I like to show a portfolio over the time featuring images shot over a certain period from another viewpoint than a touristic, voyeuristic or traveljunkie like viewpoint.

In my opinion it is a very difficult ob to choose these images from my body of work. The ability to frame and isolate chosen moments and subjects from their surroundings and to capture millions of different subtle details to preserve them for the future offers a potential to show part of the chaos of life which seems to me more than overboarding.

If you pull your viewfinder to your eye you disengage yourself from reality around you. Everything is immediately externalised and you are in your own world defined by a certain square. If you come to a place like myanmar it is obvious to take pictures from known sites as U-Bein Bridge, Bagan plain, Pagodas ... and on and on ...   the touristic view. And I did the same in the beginning.  It is a kind of show off. How good can I be against all this  images taken already?

But I wanted to do it otherwise, not to show off - or may be just for this reason - but I tried to take images where the viewer might be inundated with the reflection of life at it's own. I would like to capture not only landscape, but social landscape!


But with this intent it seems I could miss a lot?  It is a view from my perspective, you may like it or not, it is like the sea - ebb and flow. It provides me as a (wanna be) photographer with the opportunity to distill what might otherwise be a transitory experience. At least I am able to review things, and I am sure that I will find different meanings, time and time again and might say like Lee Friedlander the great American photographer: " Oh shit, I didn't see that before"!


If you want to see my view you can have the first impression on some pictures on my Myanmar Gallery. Please comment, give advice and constructive critic to enable me to go further on my way to develop better images!!

Photography and Botanic

Catching the moon in camera