Windows of History

Step back in time with a walk in the small alleys of Macao. These wonderful calm and as well oftne lively lanes give visitors a different perspective on Macau - at a leisurely pace. If you stroll through the ancient temples and tranquil gardens, though the alleys of the old town, you will find mirrors of macaus past. There is ancient architecture everywhere pleasantlt and peaceful surrounding you.

The beauty of Macau is, that one moment you can be walking through some crowded streets in the old center of Macau leading to St. Pauls Cathedral, and just a minute later, you could have an alley all to yourself. Venturing out beyond the touristic area and exploring the details and not as known parts of Macao is an absolute must.

This way you can discover that Macao has different characters. A split personality between gambling, brash new buildings and old village homes. Unruffled by modern development, the small narrow lanes in different parts of Macao offer you some glimpses of history.

As you get to know Macao in a different way you hopefully will be inspired to go out even more to these fascinating part of the world - and all that on a leisurely pace!

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