Patience is a virtue. It always has been and always will. In photography terms, it is vital. Candids, objects going at breakneck speed and the general rush of life all make us believe that getting the correct shot "as soon as possible" is the only way to capture a great image.

We are so used to things happening rapidly in photography that we can sometimes feel overwhelmed and ever ready for the sudden shot or opportunity.

But taking your time, relaxing and chilling will get you better results

There will be times that acting quickly are essential, but in most cases there is a need for patience and perseverance. Instead of sanpping pictures away take a different approach and set up with a view and stay an hour, two hours ...

This is the way you are likely to capture something when you are ready and when you have choosen your decisive moment. If you train this sort of approach you are likely to find that desicive moments come back again and again, giving you the opportunity for better capturing in action.

If you are lucky, careful and patient, there might very well plentiful of opportunities which you didn't see at first. You wouldn't have even noticed them at all but now, because you prepared to watch and wait, you now have additional opportunities for great photos.

Patience is a virtue. Oh yes.


I have been out on Hong Kong Streets and waited at one place about two hours. In between I got some lucky shots but at the end the waiting has been honored by this guy - in my opinion the best shots of that day.

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