Time to rumble

If you ever have the chance to go into the inner sanctum of boxing you will notice that capturing good images and the decisive moments is a very hard task. Boxing photography might be the most exciting sport you will cover, giving you access and freedom that is unheard of in other professional sports. The ability to network amongst the key people, obtain press passes for title and non-title fights together with still having the ability to produce creative images is challenging. As with any sports photography you mostly have to compete with the big agencies such as Action Images and Getty but there is plenty of opportunity to have your work viewed and published.

An actual ringside is an exciting and privileged position to be at when the crowd is roaring for their hero and the bell rings for the 1st round. Most of the time there are only 6-8 photographers allowed, no matter how big or small the event maybe. It’s exiting and its fun!

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