Camera decisions is like eating out

Lately, I have been asked a lot about the following:

What camera should I get?

A tough question as there are thousands of answers and even more websites, magazines and information everywhere. There is certainly no easy answer. 

I owned a bunch of different cameras from point and shot versions to high-end equipment. My tip today: It doesn’t matter. Take anyone - just look for one, which fits in your hand comfortably. Lately, I read a comment that a camera can be compared to a knife. Some use it to peel apples and cut vegetable some are creating statues for museums with it.

Each day and year the decision is getting tougher. Bridge cameras, Evil camera, DSLR, etc., etc. If you have the chance to have some friends with cameras ask them. Go out with them and test these different models. Go with the one that fits you the best. The one you are comfortable holding in your hand.

More than 13 major camera companies have created about 1,800 digital camera models between them, with over 100 brand-new ones. How to choose?

different choices, different taste

different choices, different taste

What do you want to shoot most? 

Here some ideas to consider:

1.  easily to carry around and affordable

2.  short reaction time from pushing the shutter to taking the image

3.  Excellent low-light capabilities if you shoot a lot of indoors at family gatherings. 

4. If shooting people a zoom up to 200mm is a good choice as you can blur everything out behind your subjects.

old or new

old or new

All in all most of the gear in the price range from 500 to 700 USD are quite well, and each has its ad- or disadvantage. Remember that the camera body is just one thing a good lens is much more important and last longer as well for the next camera body if you grade up in some years.

It is like going out to eat. So many restaurants and diners, so many choices, but at least you'll find something just for your taste. Just try different ....