2016 Travel Magazine

Working on street and travel photography images made in 2016 I already have done a street photography guide this year. Now I am putting together a travel magazine. An excellent way to share my vision of India. To produce a magazine, just create enough content around a particular theme like wanderlust in India. 

Several things to consider: 
What is the primary topic? 
What’s the focus of this magazine? 
How can you use it to tie your content together? 
What’s the title of this issue? 

Now I have to start with writing articles, columns, and stories. The next step. Then the job in Lightroom of gathering my images. It will be more a visual medium than a written product. Great pictures will keep everyone hopefully interested and add some dimension to my articles.

For now, I already designed a cover. This cover should give you some tantalizing taste of what's inside. I don't want to give away too much. 

December will be the time to assemble the content and choosing the final aesthetic for the magazine. A lot of work ahead.

Magazine cover

Magazine cover