Mensoure - Welcome

Naminoue Shrine 波上宮    Naminoue-gū  literally  the shrine above the waves

Naminoue Shrine 波上宮 Naminoue-gū literally the shrine above the waves

Mensoure! Welcome said in Okinawa’s indigenous language. 

Taking a trip to Okinawa is an excellent opportunity to see a different part of Japan. 

Kokusai dori the main shopping avebue in Naha

Kokusai dori the main shopping avebue in Naha

Okinawa has prospered as the formerly long-lost cousin of mainland Japan. Under the authority of Japan, Okinawa provides the “Land of the Rising Sun” with its distinctive culture and Japan’s unique tropical geography, while at the same time being fully known as Japan’s most southern administration and part of the Kyushu Island region. As Japan’s mecca of tourism for mainland Japanese, Okinawa is the jewel that has endured the test of time keeping a blend of Chinese, Japanese and American cultures.

Shuri Castle  首里城  Shuri-jō in Naha

Shuri Castle 首里城 Shuri-jō in Naha

If interested look out, there is more to come.